Brighton 2017

The first day (Monday)

On the First day we flew to London Gatwick.

Then we took the train to Brighton. We stayed in a hostel. We went to the sea and the pier. The weather was nice. In the afternoon we went to a fish and chips restaurant. After that we had some activities and in the evening we had sandwiches on the beach. 

(Text: Amelie Peth)

We are now at Brighton and it is beautiful. We walked o the hostel and  here we are:. Our room was small, then we saw the boys` room and it was BIG. Why? they had 2 chair’s, 1 table and a mirror. We had only one chair and that’s it. That’s so unfair.

(Text: Patrycja Mozgaw)

On the first day we ate fish and chips.

After that we went to the beach on the pier to buy sweets and more. 30 minutes later we went for 10 minutes back to the hostel to wait for dinner. Mrs Winkler and Mr Ruppert got bred, cheese and ckicken meat. We ate the dinner at the beach  in the sunset which was so beautiful.

(Text: Wiktoria Kubenka)

On Monday we flew to London Gatwick and we went to Brighton by train. After this we had to walk 10 minutes to the hostel. It was very nice and we had an awesome view of the sea.

First we had fish and ships for lunch and after this we went to the beach. The water was lukewarm.

The second day (Tuesday):

On Tuesday we had breakfast and after this we went to a supermarket where we bought meal-deal.  We drove to the seven sisters. When we arrived we had lunch, meal-deal, it was delicious. We walked to the seven sisters. Two sheep followed us. It was funny, sometimes we made a race. Then, after one hour we arrived at the seven sisters. It was beautiful, everywhere was chalk. After the first “sister” half of couldn’ t hike another sister. At the end we hiked 2 sisters, then Tutku fell over her foot and at the end her toe was broken. After this we ate a pizza, it was really tasty then we went to the hostel where we slept.

(Text: Mirco Rothe)

On the second day we went hiking on the Seven Sisters and my legs hurt so much. On the Seven Sisters we had to wait 5 minutes because they were making a film. After that  it started to rain, that was not so nice, but it was funny . After that we went back to the hostel to prepare for dinner. For dinner we had pizza and pasta in a restaurant. We drank water, orange juice and apple juice and we ate ice cream ,too, which was so yummy. After the meal we prepared for bed .That was all about the second day in Brighton .

(Text: Wiktoria Kubenka)

The third day (Wednesday):

On Wednesday we went to a castle and visited a museum. All the churches were closed and we could not visit them. In the evening we went to an all you can eat restaurant. It was delicious. Etienne payed the bill for all of us. In the evening we played Werewolf and we had a lot of fun with the teachers. Than we went to bed. 

(Text: Amelie Peth)

On this day were  in a Castle near Brighton. We learned a lot abaut the Middle Ages in England. Then we were in a museum. That was very interestening. We wanted to go to churches but all the churches were  closed. Then we  wanted to go to the Dome but itwas closed too.

And that was our Wednesday.

(Rojhat Alatas, Pawel Bombera)

The last day (Thursday):

This day was the last day in Brighton.

This day was very cool because we were only in a souvenir shop and in a candy shop. After that we went to our hostel and waited. We went  to the airport by train. Then we waited for our airplane. On 9 pm we landed in Berlin.

(Text: Pawel Bombera, Rojhat Alatas)

Fotos: Katja Winkler